About Us

„ROCKSTAR4U is a NEW, EXCITING and UNIQUE venue to celebrate your child/teens special occasion by allowing them to explore their dreams and bring out their inner Rock Star.

We give them an opportunity to come into a professional Recording studio and record TWO songs to their favorite hit music! Awesome huh??
„We also provide a complete Star-Studded experience, with VIP snacks and drinks and a Rock star mini photo shoot for their new hit record!!!! They also get a chance to meet our head Engineer and learn a few tricks of the trade! Our party packages include 10 kids/teens but for an extra fee we can max out with 15 Rock Stars.

„Rockstar4U can also help adults create special memories for girls/guys night out, a Birthday Celebration, or help create a special fun song for a new baby’s arrival. Please call or email us for further details.


„Rockstar4U soul purpose is to provide a fun, interactive and safe way to celebrate a special occasion all while sparking creativity and making dreams reality.